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How to wire a brooch to use in a brooch bouquet

Posted by Carol on 10/6/2017

1, Choose the brooch that you want to wire for your wedding bouquet, then cut 2 lengths of wire slightly longer than double the length you need for your stem.

2, On the back of the brooch decide whether there are any holes that you can wire through, or if you will need to wire around the pin. This one has some small holes in that can be wired through so these instructions show you how to do that.

3, thread the wire through a hole in the brooch and then back through another hole, as close to the first as possible. Pull the wire through tightly so that there is no big loop showing on the top of the brooch

4, repeat step 3 on the other side of the brooch pin so that you now have 2 loops of wire through the brooch

5, pinch the wires together close to the pin

6, then twist the brooch while holding the wires until the wire twists together to form a wire stem.

7, you can then twist the wires all the way along to form a stem that supports the brooch like a flower head and you are ready to use your brooches in either a flower bouquet or brooch bouquet.