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Small prom  king crown in silver last one REDUCED
silver prom kings crown

Small prom king crown in silver last one REDUCED

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 7 cm tall silver metal prom king crown DISCONTINUED

 Small as in height not size this Kings Crown is 7 cm ( 2.75 inches )high and the band has an adjustable diameter from 6.7 inch - 8.5 inch It is metal and plated in silver. The band is a full circle with an adjustable slider at the back this means that the pattern doesn't go the full circle probably 3/4 of the way round.

All the adjustable crowns will open to full size when you first receive them so they can be fitted to each individual head.  Once sized, the clamps should be locked into position by pinching them with pliers. If you don't want to make a permanent adjustment a piece of sellotape will make a temporary fix.

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